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I have the same setup as Yours. I am currently running a Kicker 5 channel amp (KX750.5) in one of my cars, but as time progressed, i really feel the lack of power and sound.
It is not a bad choice but You will be very limited. So, i am slowly upgrading.

You can choose a better 4 channel amp, run the fronts on each channel, and bridge the other two for a nice sub for the back.

Or You can run two amps, one for the components, and one for the sub. There are smaller and yet still powerful amps on the market, so You wont loose a lot of space in the trunk.

There are different kinds of subs and setups also. If You go with a sealed setup, the sub needs a very small box. With sealed You get a very tight precise bass sound. The other way is to go ported. The box is bigger and You get deeper bass. Well it depends also on what kind of music You listen to...

Trust me, it will cost You more on the long run to do the "shortcut"

I love my amp, runs amazing, just as a music lover, it does not do justice to me.

Hope it helps

I have some stuff i will be selling so if You need any more help on products, just ask. I run SQ, so i am more involved in higher end stuff.

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