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Originally posted by Sith
yeah the race was mint, pretty damn good race, loved how BAR ****ed up their pit stop, very nicely done for people who get paid 10 million a year...IDIOTS...and as for ferrari not making the podium, everyone is being gay about it, the only reason, and that is, the ONLY reason why the rules were changed was cause ferrari raped every single team and personal record in a season, they just dominated so bad in 2002, and FIA being gay messed up the whole sport, sure the qualifings are cooler, but come one, cant change your tyres/refuel here and there, thats just gay...another thing that pissed me off, all the commentators were like "ahh finally ferrari arent 1,2" and shit like that, its like once ferrari didnt make the podium they all turned against ferrari and micheal saying finally they arent its the first race and people are judging the whole season on one race..another point, FIA introduced/allowed launch control and traction control a while back, and this year its banned after silverstone i believe, why? oh cause ferrari won by 129 points last year, thats the only reason they banned those things, like launch control was ****ing mint, without traction control guys will be losing the back ends like nothing, no records will be broken after traction control is banned, like the guys will not be used to it being banned after using it for so many years, so gay.

ah well, race was awesome, glad to see F1 back in my life and congrats to ferrari for super glueing the barge boards before the race real smart boys
Actually by saying they were not 1,2 (they never said FINALLY they werent on the podium, it just shows that they dominated...) I personally love the new rules, because there are more tactics involved, and gave a bit more chance to the weaker cars...I dont mind Barrichelo, hes a cool guy, while on the other side, Micahel is a totally unfair driver.
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