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Originally Posted by BimmerboyPH View Post
Im not sure on the offset. The tires are 205 50 r17 all round if that helps. They where stuck on the caliper and would not turn at all. I bought 8mm spacers but 6mm would have been fine, i just couldnt find em. During the week that the wheels where on I didnt have any problems with clearance. Thanks for helping me out here.
205/50/17 is WAY too tall, even if you got the offset perfect you would still eventually jam one into a front fender and pull it out badly. 215/40/17 would be the size for those.

8mm is enough to make the wheels non-hubcentric, which is why I never recommend such a spacer. 5mm is possible to get away with, otherwise 15mm is the next step. So I would try to use 5mm and if that doesn't work, 15mm all around with 205/40/17 tires (this will look awesome).

Also, make sure the wheels themselves are hubcentric or at least have hubcentric rings (meaning that they sit snugly on the hub without any play).
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