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Originally Posted by Fel View Post
Looked good in person, very unique.

Soldo, stop being a bitch and stirring the pot. I have nothing against you myself, but don't be a shit disturber. Go play in someone else's thread.
Sigh, i got nothing against you either, but i don't understand why i'm expected to join in the giant circle jerk and praise a car that personally i don't think looks good, at all. I already said why i didn't like it either and it wasn't because of the owner. I think the bike looks fine. Everyone on here is praising they like it cause it's original, and he did it himself.... this is nothing new, and has been around for quite some time.

I guess cause this forum is very local a lot of people feel the need to be accepted by other members, and i'm glad i'm not the only one that notices how certain people have a certain amount of immunity. I'm not trying to stir any pot, i'm simply giving my opinion. If fil decides to respond to me, i'll respond back.

It's been proven enough times before, you can't expect to post your car ONLINE and have the entire internet praise it/you. Everyone's got different taste.
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