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Originally Posted by Xeryus View Post
I have a 1986 325 which is lowered about 1.25" from both the front and the rear end.
I am looking at a some nice sets of rims :-
1) Konig Incident 17x7 4X100 lug pattern and 40mm offset
2) Konig HotSwap 17x7 4X100 lug pattern and 40mm offset
3) Enkei J10 17x7 4x100 lug pattern and 42mm offset

I was thinking of going 215/40/17 with one of these sets !

Which of these rims would fit on my car, and would I need to get spacers to make them fit, and what tire size would be ideal if they are to fit ?

All 3 rims would need spacers to fit properly. 15mm is a near-stock fitment, while 20mm would make them fill out the fenders better (neither setup will require fender rolling with 215/40 tires).
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