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Originally Posted by jonny_blaze View Post

Hey Soldo why are you making such an effort to make it a personal matter about money and unrelated shit? I'm not sayin this cuz I know Fil, but because I saw the shit the car was before he even touched it. The car's body looks MINT under the paint. It is better than any work I bet you can possibily do, even if Fil used ONE hand....on top of it, he did this in like 2 days! I saw how you painted your body parts back in the day when you were Dildomatic325...and I'd just rather keep my mouth shut because its not like I'm any better. My advice is you should do the same.

Way to crap on someone's thread guys...

On a side note,

"OMMGGZ dat paintz is sick yoes!!11" Good job Fil!

Hahaha, it's always funny how the shadiest bunch always stick together!
Keven Soldo
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