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Originally posted by MIKES
Thats cool, thanks for the insight. But that doesn't change my price. Its in the Autotrader right now and I am getting calls on it, so I don't fear that I won't sell it. On the other hand, I don't think its right nor fair to jack up sombodies post with your opinions if your not interested in buying the car. We are all grown and well capable of making proper decisions on are own without the influences of others. Some people prefer reliability over a low price on a car ( it all weighs out when maintance comes into play). Just because its cheaper doesn't mean its better.
Well, if you're willing to advertise something for sale on a forum (as opposed to the Auto Trader which is uni-directional), then you have to be willing to accept that some people are going to jump on and comment on it.

As I've said, I am looking for a beater daily driver, but if I can buy a '93 with less mileage for the same or less than your car, I could very well be ahead in the game.

I'm not saying your car isn't *reasonably* priced, but it's a little high for a '92. People here do tend to look out for one another, and it's a free, everybody here is entitled to offer their opinions, and also ignore them if they choose.

Good luck in selling your car.

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