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If you are really anal about contaminating/scratching the paint during washing, use a good woolen mitt, meguiars gold class wash and the two bucket wash method and do it in the shade

Don't bother polishing by hand lol.
Polishing means removing sratches, so you don't need the Meguiar scratch X

As for wax, its better to apply it by bare hand(kinda like giving the car a massage). You could also use a sealant, then a few layers of wax on top. Wax vs Sealant is a preference thing. I usually just apply a few layers of wax. I would also strongly recomend buying better waxes(preference as well). The meguiar's wax give a 'dry' shine which i hated. Other give a 'wet' shine, making your car's fenders look like they're melting.

and what he said ^^

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