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Originally posted by slemmer
the price of the car really what the owner willing to sale and what the buyer willing to buy and that set the price otherwise just use the canandian black book as a standard pricing.
Well, Black book price is $9000, but a '92 still goes for more than $9,000 on the street. Black book prices are much more applicable to domestics than to many imports...I've just found the import pricing to hold a street value much higher than black book (or Red book value).

As you said, it's all what someone is willing to pay for it.

I *am* looking for a beater daily driver (don't feel like driving my truck around town anymore), but if I can get a '93 with fewer miles, I will.

As to maintenance issues, until somebody looks at a car, one just has to take everybody's word for how well maintained it is. Everybody always says their car is supremely well maintained, but often I've found that isn't the case. Unless somebody has receipts to back up all their maintenance, I don't generally believe them.

I'd be interested at about $11,000, but if Mike's getting interest above that mark, then that's good for him.

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