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Originally Posted by Allstar_e36 View Post
I just got a new hood painted and it has a nice shine to it, and i would like to bring back the shine on rest of the car. My plan is to do the following, please tell me what you think.

- Bucket Wash
- Clay
- Bucket Wash (do i need to wash again after claying?)
- Dry (will drying recontaminate the paint?)
- Polish (Should i use a buffer or by hand?)
- Remove swirls and light scratches w/ buffer (meguiars scratch X)
- Pre-Wax (Zymol)
- Wax w/ buffer( Meguiars NXT Tech wax)

I would also like to know which pad i should use at each step when buffing, i prefer pads that i can buy locally.
After the Pre-wax what sealant should i use before waxing?

- Sunny
You don't need to wash after clay but it doesn't hurt.

You want to try with microfibre cloths and no it won't contaminate your vehicle because the polish will also work to remove contaminents.

To get THE BEST results get the $50 Rona Sander and it acts as polisher also. Or the Porter Cable 7424 is good too!

Depending on the types of scratches, swirls, and how deep they are you may need different compounds.

Also, with the polisher you will need 3 different type of pads, and applicator pads by hand for those hard to reach places.

You need a white, orange, and black pad.

As for wax... I don't believe in waxing as it only lasts couple months or less. I'd use a sealent which lasts longer about 6 months if applied properly.

If you want to do a really good job look to spend about $400-600 for an awesome exterior detail.

Okay now for the steps:

When you begin to polish.

You start with the most agreesive first at about 4.5 to cut down the passes, and of course watch a lot of polishing video's to get the right technique, and how fast you should be moving.

Though if your playing with easy to work with polisher and compounds you shouldn't burn your paint.

After the aggressive polish, you move to a lighter compound with the white pad which is less firm.

After a few passes of that you want to wipe it off at each stage. And then the black pad is for finishing like applying your sealent or wax.

Hope that helps.

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