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Attempting to bring back the shine

I just got a new hood painted and it has a nice shine to it, and i would like to bring back the shine on rest of the car. My plan is to do the following, please tell me what you think.

- Bucket Wash
- Clay
- Bucket Wash (do i need to wash again after claying?)
- Dry (will drying recontaminate the paint?)
- Polish (Should i use a buffer or by hand?)
- Remove swirls and light scratches w/ buffer (meguiars scratch X)
- Pre-Wax (Zymol)
- Wax w/ buffer( Meguiars NXT Tech wax)

I would also like to know which pad i should use at each step when buffing, i prefer pads that i can buy locally.
After the Pre-wax what sealant should i use before waxing?

- Sunny

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