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Originally Posted by AceOfSpades View Post
can you adjust the speed on the orbital sander?^^
also have you ever tried both the portercable and that one side by side?
The $50 Rona Sander, yes its adjustable!!!

I suggest since its a different type of "polisher" you can set it to 4.5 and it should cut down on your passes that you have to do. So it cuts down on time. And you MUST do a 2x2 section at a time otherwise anything larger you will lose the effectiveness of the compound and you'll be pushing around liquid....

I have used the portercable before, its really worth the buy if you can find the right price. I would suggest Ken @ for that or your local Canadian Tire, but their prices are higher.

I your new at polishing both are awesome for beginners so you don't burn your paint. Only thing I suggest is go at lower speeds like 3 and you won't burn your paint. Obviously, you have to keep the machine moving in a pattern otherwise if you leave it in one spot for too long it'll burn.

Basically the $50 sander will do the same job as the $114 - $250 Portercable 7424.

That's the link for the $50 sander.

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