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Originally Posted by Boots R View Post
If I were them, and they WERE drunk and crashed their lambo... leave the keys, take the plates... run back to the dealership, smash a window, and **** up the key-box that all the keys are kept in. Then take out the Surveillance tape, and say "i forgot to put the tape in"

make it look like a break-in.
if they were drunk and took off after smashing the car...

they probably freaked out and booked it after taking off the plates

in the spur of the moment what if they didn't whipe down the car to get rid of their fingerprints...

the article did say the cops were getting fingerprints from the car

if they turn out to be theirs aren't they technically fawked... i mean unless they have a solid alibi to say they were somewhere else and the robber wore gloves?

its a fawked up situation can't wait until they figure out what happened
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