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Thiefs chose to steal Hondas and cheaper cars because there is a higher demand for their parts. This doesnt mean that a Lambo has a more difficult or more secure package. If a thief wants to steal a car he will......even the best alarm system is there just to delay him. All alarms are defeatable. Its just a matter of prolonging the time the thief needs to spend to get the car.

In this case this appears to be a case of intoxicated driving.Remember this:
New laws for high drivers take effect

Canadians who drive while high won’t be able to refuse roadside drug tests under new laws that kick in today.

Police can now require drivers to submit to roadside tests.

Officers also have the power to take suspected drug-impaired drivers to a police station or hospital to give a blood, urine or saliva sample.

Under the old law, police were obliged to tell drivers suspected of being high that roadside tests weren’t mandatory.

But as of today, refusing the test will be considered a criminal offence.

Drivers convicted of drug-impaired driving now face a minimum $1,000 fine for a first offence and a month in jail for a second conviction.

They probably were high or drunk and left the scene to face minimal penalties instead of a ban and all sorts of charges.
They will probably argue it was a case of shock after the incident or some other excuse.
As for the owner claiming insurance if the car seems to be unlocked with the key and no signs of a third party opening it by force and using it then they can not claim any insurance unless the dealer had a break in at his facilities. Either way this is going to cost him!

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