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I've noticed there are some good incentives on other BMW products at Canadian dealers....but the 08 M3 is obviously still in high demand. I find it insulting to see the US MSRP at $56,500 (direct from and the CDN MSRP at $71,300 (direct from I guess BMW doesn't appreciate their CDN customers a whole heck of a lot, or enough to fix this obvious slap in the face.

Just to add further insult to injury...the US models come with an additional 4 year *maintenance warranty*. The CDN models have only the standard new vehicle warranty + the "scheduled maintenance warranty" (which means oil and filter changes).

I was in line to pick up a CDN M3....but when I saw this price delta, I've since decided to wait until next year, and import one from the US....screw BMW Canada....and their dealership BS.

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