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What is PDR , paint less dent removal?
It is a master metal worker who uses rods and manipulates the sheet metal flat again. Why is this good? It saves repainting and body work just to flatten a sore looking spot by someone else's door ding.
What is great about this price ?
Besides a normal panel costs at least $400 to paint this takes minutes . Also a normal PDR tech charges $150 for the first and $25 for each additional per panel . So that means if you have 4 dings on 2 doors it is 150 X2 + $25 X2 =$350 . Each door will cost $175 each , so the discount is incredible .

Last years price was $100 and people got a wicked deal. This year is $120 and it still includes food (pizza) and possibly barley and hops in bottles.

It will be in June on the last Saturday's the 28th .
It will be in Mississauga ,South of the 401 and west of Dixie and will be by appointment . Exit 401 at Dixie
go south Right @ Matheson 2nd/3rd light , It is the 3rd driveway on your right , the first 2 are for the hotel stage west.
Tires 23 - tires and wheels specialist
Location is 1380 Matheson Blvd. E. Unit 5 .
The last time it was havoc with people showing up and saying they were next when they were not on the list. This time is a complete list and anyone else fit in as needed.

If you are interested to get your car done PM me with your
car info year ,colour , model
How many dents are on the car.
name and cell phone number to contact you.
The time you would like from 10 am in one hour intervals.

Others may show up and hang out and get some dents out between cars but no guarantees without prior arrangments .
All cars will be verified for dents and are subject to approval for the rate in cases of excessive damage and time needed to repair . In that case another appointment will be made with a similar pricing structure to it . For this it would be much more than 5 dings.

You do not have to have dents take out of your car to show up , you can hang out and see how it is done as well as get some lunch.
Their is also a rim/tire shop as well as an audio store there also.

10:00 lexusecutive , CanadaIS
11:00 A. Mac , g35koupe
12:00 IVRY PRL ,honey dew
1:00 toy4to , Rosmoss
2:00 SexusinmyLexus , M law
3:00 God|ZIlla168#1 , jahnIS300
4:00 God|ZIlla168#2 , rx8thunder
5:00 doogee , 9291150
6:00 Tej , open
7:00 open

Anyone is more than welcome to drop by and take a look as it is a meet as well with a few clubs.
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