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Thanks for the props guys.. I purchased the car off Windsorbmw back in April, and did a few mods since then (changed springs, wheels, lights, lip, stereo...). It's an automatic tranny for commuting to/from work (downtown). The ride is excellent with the shocks set on 20% (almost stock-like)... it's nice to just turn the dampening knob to get a rock-hard ride for weekend track days/autoX.

Back to the OP (original post)... the size of the wheels don't really make a difference in the ride when comparing 18s to 19s. If the weight of the wheels remain the same, and the type of ultra-high performance rubber (Z-rated) is also maintained.. the 18's will feel just as harsh. I've driven on 45 & 50 series (aspect ratio) 15" tires that are Z rated (R-comps) with extremely hard sidewalls that felt just as hard as a 30 series 20". When the sidewalls are reinforced that much, there is hardly NO flex... regardless of aspect ratio. (Suspension aside) overall weight of wheel/tire pkg will make more of a difference in ride, and the wheels you're considering tnd- -b look very heavy.

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it looks dumped.. what suspension are you on?
When I bought the car, it had Koni sport (yellow) adj shocks and Koni springs. I didn't like the "raked" look that the original koni springs gave, so I swapped out just the rear springs for a set of Spax. I think we all know how low any Spax/Apex springs give, so this was a sure bet to lower the rear to match the front... at it did! The spring rates were the same as Koni (printed on the spring itself) so the ride didn't suffer. Despite the aggressive drop and 19"x 9" wheels, I get absolutely no rubbing.. even with 5 bodies in the car and a trunk full of luggage.

Below are before & after pics with 18" (raked) & 19" (even)
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