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Got spanked on the HWY

Ok I was coming back from Downtown Monday nite on QEW (west). I was cruisin @ 120km/h when I noticed a car with crazy Zenons following me pretty close. So I sped up a little and weaved couple of cars to get him off my ass, but he was still there.
So I was like OK, lets have alittle fun. My plan was to take him on the Hwy427 ON-RAMP from QEW (Those who don't know,itz near sherway) We get on the on ramp & I start pulling away; my cars huggin the turn doing 135-40km/hr when he pulls up beside me.(I was surprised he took the corner also)
It was a 540i (pretty sure it was a six spd) I was like F*@K!!! Why Did I have to taunt him?
Anyways now we're on the 427 now (open 4lane road) He gave me a little and he was g-o-n-e. I down shifted into 4th but it was no use, I had nothing left. I was pushin 180 (car didn't go any faster) & he just accelerated away.
It was fun tryin, but I learnt my lesson the hard way.

My only question is... If I was drivin my M3 instead of th 318i would I have a chance against the Big 540i?
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