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Originally Posted by Robb View Post
Find me an EVO III in jet black and I'll buy it...

Make a trip overseas bring 50-70K with you and have it shipped here. It's a way more realistic goal than trying to find one of the two that are here in Ontario, who ever bought the one you keep posting knew what they were doing and have already profited atleast 10-20K.

If you found a truly mint one like the ones you have posted I'd imagine you'd be looking at atleast 70K, so yes it's rare and will appreciate but you can basically never drive it. I wouldn't want a M3 that could never be driven.

Grab a 15K black M3, get it painted jet black. Get the interior and do the motor. You'd have 25-30K in it and you could enjoy it all you want and it'll hold it's value and probably still go up a bit.
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