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Originally Posted by europrince View Post
Natural Resources Canada link:

"What effect does using ethanol fuels have on fuel consumption?
While a 10 percent ethanol blend contains about 97 percent of the energy of "pure" gasoline, the energy loss is partly offset by the increased combustion efficiency of the engine. This could increase fuel consumption by about 2-3 percent"

So, for the average car, it'll be a 0.2 to 0.3l/100km consumption increase but cleaner exhaust. I don't think that's a big difference. Driving pattern and habit have a much larger effect.

Ok, so Shell is the only one that doesn't use ethanol?
This is complete BS.

A tank of gas with ethanol blend averages 70-90kms less driving distance for me.
I have tried all sorts of fuel, and tried, (without much success), getting ethanol content info on different brands.
It seems that inconsistancy is the only thing you can count on.

Everyone will notice that that they USUALLY get better mileage while using 91+ octane, and most people will also attribute that to the octane content. Wrong.
Most higher octane fuels used to have NO ethanol, that is now changing.

There are only 2 gas stations (in Peterborough) that I know ,for sure, do not blend thier fuel. They are both Esso stations. Why? I have no idea... when I ask, they tell me that ESSO requires only a percentage of thier fuel to be blended...

As a note:
I got interested in this subject when I noticed significantly crappy mileage while running Pioneer high octane fuel in my 10.5:1 compression mustang. The mileage was SOOO bad, that I started replacing O2 sensors etc. before I realized what was actually happening!
Stay away from Pioneer
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