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Cool Dinan 3

Well first off I dont have any pics because I dont carry my camera in my back pocket 24/7.

Fri June 6th around 10-11 pm on the QEW traveling eastbound around Dorval/3rd line. I see some HID's from behind, thought it was a bimmer so I pulled off into the other lane (BTW your lights are BRIGHT!!) he/you downshifts and punches it by me. It was a black e36 with a DINAN3 badge on it. Lowered with rims. I dunno what rims they were. The exhaust sounded really nice! I didnt get too good of a look but it looked like 2 guys with an in dash screen. We play for a bit until I got off at 403 and Erin Mills Pkwy. You got a clean ride bro

BTW I was in the black badgeless e36 with all the windows down....
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