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1) '79 Pontiac Acadian aka chevette. no floorboards, no brakes and it would never start. Bad experience all around.

2) '89 Toyota Corolla 2 door like Shotta's but it had the SR5 smaller engine. It was really light and went pretty well for 1.6L. it never broke down.

3) '94 Toyota Celica GTS. Nice seats. Reliable and sporty. I still own it and drive it daily.

4) '97 BMW 328i loaded. Fantastic paint. Reliable. Fast. Comfy too. It handled better than the Celica. Good experience all around. .

5) '99 M Coupe. Beyond words. I can't post enough smilies.

you get the idea

'99 M Coupe - Imola/Imola
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