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All I have right now is a P&S canon sd400 it is a nice camera but doesn't offer the utility of a SLR. Although I have been a photography buff for many years. While I currently own just the P&S does not mean I do not know photography or how to use equipment.

The speed of the lens I linked for you will allow you to take medium range 'lower light' settings. It will allow you to take pictures others could not dream of. The speed of the lense will allow you to control depth of field and create simply stunning zoom shots. If you currently have a zoom and want to try a cool variation of a normal shot set the shutter some what slower than 1/90 mount the camera on a tripod and zoom while you are clicking the shutter...try it...zoom in and out you will be amazed! Also the lens I recommend will allow stunning panning shots...which for car buffs is cool because it makes cars LIVE and not just provide 'stills' ...which stills take a special setting skills and acquired taste...neither of which can be bought!

Listen, I have had lenses, cameras, and all kinds of equipment. What you get is to your tastes and desires. And as a friend I offer my spin...I am not ordering you to purchase anything...But, in the past I have been where I've looked in my camera bag and said to myself...that was a waste of money...and if I could spare someone that heartache I will. Not to say you won't get some use out of the fisheye, or wideangle, because I am sure you will.

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