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The car I learned how to drive in was my dad's 77 Civic, which became mine for a very short period (like 3 months).

Then the car that I really consider my first was a 80 Pontiac Phoenix coupe (how rare are these?). 4spd standard, the only option the car has was factory gauges (volt, oil temp, coolant temp, clock). I could get it to 140km/h if I really tried....hard....on a downhill....with the wind.....(while driving toward a magnet factory)
"Driving is like a narcotic, an addiction that can take over lives. It ruins people, breaks families apart, and even kills. It’s habit that needs to be fueled. Time, money, rationality, sweat, knuckle skin, and anyone who disapproves are of little importance to a driver, and are often overlooked. Hi, I’m Nelson, and I’m a drivaholic."
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