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Good point

The lens doesn't make the photographer...However, it can open opportunities for the 'right' pic. Or offer a bit of artistic impression you could not get from an inferior lens...the lens I 'linked' to was and is in my opinion vastly superior to the standard lens that you can pick up at best buy...that is a 'professional' grade lens that may cost as much as some cameras. That being said anyone would want that lens so the likelihood of you being able to 'sell' it in the future (if you choose) greatly increases with the quality of the there you have it...a lens that won't 'lose' value, offers great photos, and provides the ability of artistic impression...Jeeze how much do you want from a lens? But with caveat...the lens will never hit the shutter button for you! NEVER.
Thomas Edison said,
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Think about that the next time you want to give up after 2 or 3 attempts...

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