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Originally Posted by Boss17 View Post
I'm not crying about anything, I'm just letting people know about your unprofessional conduct. A call the night before would have been sufficient enough instead of a pm on max the day of. I even told you I would be out all day as I had a meeting and some things to do downtown. I gave you my cell number with a purpose. Regardless, I personally don't like the way you do business and found it kind of too convenient that your friend tells you about a car starter for $25 less than mine on the day you were supposed to purchase it. At least man up and say you wanted to back out and changed your mind about purchasing it.

I'm sure you're a good guy and such and I appreciate your apology but I would have much rather had you call me the night before and tell me what was going on.
Yeah Im Sorry about that..... money wasn't really an issue with your alarm starter i just didnt want one at all after i though about it.....i agree i should have called you the night before and im sorry i messed up your plans didnt mean to cause such just a little too trigger happy with buying car parts i should calm down and think about it first.....Ive made soo many transactions of parts before and this is honestly my first bad review and il use this feedback as a way to better act in future business... In the future i will deal in a higer proffesional level..... Sorry once again maybe in the future if i deal with you again i promise you a much more pleasent transaction
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