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Originally Posted by Boots R View Post
Jesus christ. I just watched that video, tracking seems intense.
It's not as bad as it seems, it's not very fast. 3a/3b is terrifying to walk, but pretty easy to drive - it's more annoying than anything, having to go so slow and wrestle the wheel to turn so sharply. But if you walk there you realize that if you don't make the 3A turn, and you try to fight it, you drop about 3 stories off a cliff. That's why they have a runoff to go straight which goes downhill somewhat smoothly and rejoins at the back straight.

The scariest part is turn 1. You go balls out into it and you dive for the edge of a concrete wall. The closer you get to the wall, the closer you get to the apex. The funny thing is that nobody EVER hits that wall, like ever. But what does happen is people lift, and then they get into all sorts of trouble (incl fatal).
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