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Originally Posted by AMG_POWER View Post
Coz it's overpriced.


"Playstation generation'
"doesn't matter how fast it is because it's the ugliest car ever made"
"Nissan lies about all lap times"
"One Lap of America proves the R35 on circuit is a failure"
"it drives itself"
"emotionally cold"
"is only a Datsun"
"transmissions are all breaking"
"launch control is a failure"
"all cars tested are "ringers" and fakes"
"lacks luxury interior appointments commonly found in Toyota Camrys... what a rip off"
"cut slicks"
"tramlining/ride too harsh.... what a failure"
"should be an Infiniti"
"but wait... the interior is cheap and lacks luxury... I thought this was an Infiniti?"
"did I say this would sell better were it an Infiniti?"
"will never sell beyond a 2 year run... is too expensive for what you get"
"lacks any feeling"
"amazing technology.... a waste of a car"
"7:38 ---a lie"
"7:29 --- impossible"
"7:29 settings to suspension were not factory and will not represent real world conditions... tires are cut slicks"
"Porsche is more emotional and passionate about cars"
"Interior is ugly and uninspiring ... typical Japanese"
"Can it get any uglier?"
"Too heavy; cannot achieve those times"
"Nissan has never raced before.. GT-R is unproven and unworthy of praise"
"driver isn't necessary in the GT-R"
"suspension too hard even in comfort mode; interior lacks appointments.... but this should be an Infiniti anyway"
"Infiniti should take over NISMO and Nissan and show them what should really happen"
"too bad the R35 isn't properly called an Infiniti even though it rides very harshly and lacks luxury appointments on the interior.... poor clueless Nissan"
"is ugly"
LOL where did you get all those quotes?
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