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Originally Posted by Chris de la Cruz View Post
really thats it? when we did the test fit on the front, it hit the strut and the rim was pretty far from the hub. how close are we talking with the 3mm spacer?

btw, rims are Falken Hanabi... ugly but practically free

ohh and any fender clearance issues? especially with my gay ass suspension set up?

See, a guy on R3V had the same problem with the same wheels. But on the flipside, I've spec'd out numerous other 17" wheel setups that have the same or even less strut clearance. And Erick Mahle, the drifter, even test fitted another brand 17x9 ET20, and it cleared!

So, I don't know if there's something really off with the machining of those Falken wheels or it's just two unlucky cars (with tweaked hubs or something). But in any case, 17x9 ET20 should just clear the struts. Since it obviously doesn't in this case, start trying spacers. I wish I could tell you how much you'd need, but by all calculations you don't need any. Zimmie's fronts are 17x8.5 ET20, so if you want as much clearance as he has go for 5-6mm spacers. I know the WD guys have 3mm spacers on the shelf, just stack two of them for testing.

Fender clearance won't be a big problem if you run 205/40/17 tires (which is a huge stretch). See if you can get those guys to find a set of 512's laying around. If not, the 912 will be harder to mount but should still work.
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