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Originally Posted by DEZIAC View Post
Hey thanks guys!


Who's your contact in Kingston? I actually just picked up my e21 from Kingston for $700 a pretty good steal i think, not much to do body wise, and the car runs smooth. I'm from Toronto but my parents live in Kingston, so that would work for me. One question though if you know, can I not use the BBS spoiler w/ euro bumpers? Also, do you know if Bavauto is much cheaper the getting them from BMW? Lastly, do you have pics of your recaros, and how much?

Thanks guys appreciate the help!!!
I'd take 300 for the recaros just because they are becoming hard to find (i also have a e21 suspension piece that is not on your car that i could throw in too). i will post pics later...probably not til monday though.

i don't know for sure about the bbs spoiler with euro bumpers. i think that it fits over top of the euro bumpers, but if you have diving boards, you just take them off. i think that bavauto is probably cheaper than ordering from bmw, but i think i read that someone found maximilion imports to be cheaper than bavauto.

The kingston guy is just someone i met looking for parts. i have no personally met him but i know he has a lot of stock stuff....and he is looking to get rid of it all. PS: if you go see him, there's some stuff i'd like to get back to toronto from him, but i'm not desperate.

enjoy the car and let me know if you need anything else by PM.
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