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I'll clime in on this as well; only because for the most part I was very satisfied with my dealings with DDMtuning.

I ordered one of their $199 depo packages that were offered about 2 months ago; as well as a set of their m3 replica mirrors.

I called in my order as suggested by Jim (the owner). When I placed my order; I asked that all of my items be shipped to New York to a friend's house. I would highly recommend this because their shipping rates to Canada are insane & now some of the larger items don't ship north anymore. Once the order information was taken & credit card info given they told me that I would be receiving an e-mail with my invoice & fedex tracking #. Within about 15 mins of hanging up the phone; I got a call from Leif at DDM. He told me that there was an error in their stock; and that my headlights would be on backorder for approx. one week. No worries.

As promised I got an e-mail with a tracking # in a few hours. I called DDM and asked why I had a tracking # so soon since items were backordered? My response was that I must have gotten lucky & they had a set of headlights left to fill my order. I asked specifically if they were splitting the order & made it quite clear that I would not pay additional shipping if they were! They said that they don't split shipping like that.

Fast forward one week: I get another e-mail from DDM with another invoice ($0 balance) with a second tracking #. I was still waiting for delivery of the first package they shipped ( was scheduled to arrive a day or two later)!! I call DDM again; and asked what the second tracking # was for and they told me that they weren't sure; but to let them know if I received everything I ordered...

As scheduled; the first package arrives & it's my headlights but no mirrors. About a week later the second package arrives & it was the mirrors. No extra charges for their shipping errors. Everything was just as described & I seen it as good quality for the price.

Fast forward 2 more weeks: By this point I'm getting pretty pissed that the Angel Eyes in my headlights don't light up half the time most of which I figured was because of the temperature outside. But I called DDM anyways to see what they thought the problems might be. They said it was an issue with their inverters & offered to send me another set as replacements free of charge; which I received about 2 weeks later in the mail.

I was overall pleased with my DDM experience; and wouldn't have a problem recommending them to others; as long as they don't try to ship to Canada. But you have to remember that DDM deals mainly with Chinese replica merchandise so you're gonna get what you pay for. Some is good; some is not!

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