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Just thought I'd add my experience. I made a big order, including multiple bumpers. The plan was to pick-up the order just across the border in Port Huron (at Fedex hub) and deal with the border issues myself. This order was placed back in March.

Unfortunately, the Fedex hub would not hold the package so I ended up having to drive an extra 2 hours to get the package at a hub that would hold the package. DDM said they would try to get my shipping money back due to this error, but nothing has happened with that.

When I got the order I noticed that there were problems. I was missing one package of bumper parts, the HID kits I ordered were wrong (incorrect bulbs), the fog lights did not match (one OEM and one crystal clear) and one was broken.

I talked with DDM and the bumper parts were shipped out within a few weeks. However, they forgot to ship the correct HID bulbs and fogs. Over two months later, and MANY emails/phone calls and I'm still waiting for the HID's and fogs! Everytime I call they tell me they are on the way - but nothing yet.

The E36 M3 front bumper was an excellent part. I got it painted and it bolted up fine - perfect fitment. This is an excellent product at a great price!

The E36 M3 twisty side-skirts are not so nice. They are to long for the car - yes they actually stick into the front wheel-well over 1/4 inch! The clips are crap - they don't click into place, and they are very fragile (I broke 5 of them installing one side). I ordered new clips from Pelican which are MUCH better (OEM). I would not recommend the side-skirts.

The aluminum pedals seem fine. Installed fine and look great. Great product.

The fog lights were mis-matched and one was broken. They included brackets, but they are inferior to OEM - much more flexible. They did include bulbs though! Not a bad product, but definitely a step down from OEM.

HID's - I ordered the DDM ones. I'm still waiting on the right bulbs (anybody need H10 10,000K bulbs? - I've got 6!). However, the ballasts are nice and small and installed easily. If I ever get the bulbs I'll provide an update - but from what I can see these are a nice product at a great price.

I found that dealing with DDM for sales by email is a waste of time. They never respond. They were always friendly on the phone and seemed to genuinely want to fix the problems though. However, they just can't seem to execute - and things continue to drag on. Perhaps I am just an exception to the rule, but I have not had a good sales experience. Too bad, since some of their products are good at great prices...
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