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Originally Posted by andicanada View Post
i dont post the pic. off the hubs. you see the rims are on the car and break works fine and e-break.
when the time comes and the test's are good, i might start selling theys kit's front and rear for the original break system or upgradet breaks till then i want to keep things low

for more questions pm me
Okay, so lets get this straight. Its not a ****ing contest. Whats so secretive? NEWSFLASH! You are twenty someodd years too late, as BMW already came out with the e30 M3 long ago. Complete with 5 bolt suspension. A tryed, true, and tested setup that is safe.

You say you use stock brakes. So you hacked the **** out of 4 bolt rotors and crap to make your so called new 'hubs' fit? Right... So now your wheels are no longer hubcentric eh? I mean, you said you didn't use spacers or anything. What happened to the centerbore?

You say you use stock brakes. The idea of 5 bolt conversions is mainly for the advantage of bigger brakes. STOCK BRAKES? WTF?

You won't show pictures, not even info on your setup. What makes you think people are gonna buy some ghetto parts from some random yahoo online? Without any rep mind you. Lets see you take your car to the racetrack and test your parts out. Thats the real playground to see if this ZOMGBestsetupintheworld works. Would you do that? I doubt it.

So if 275s work, why aren't you running them?

and one more thing. its BRAKES not 'breaks'. One hell of an engineer you are.

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