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head machining

Hey all!

I'm gonna be replacing the warped head on the project with another head; but I was staring at the old head on the bench yesterday & got to thinking a bit...

I know that the garage sent the head out to be machined; but the shop sent it back & said it was too badly warped. I work at a machine shop & thought I might try & skim it just to see if I could. Hey why not; it's already screwed right? And if it's fixable; it would make a nice spare if something were to happen to my new one.

I'm wondering if anyone knows just how much is the max that you can shave off the head before you'd wreck it? BMW sells a thicker head gasket; I think it's .020 " thicker not sure... So would that mean that you could only take .020" off the head? If you went a little more; what could be the problems? I would think if nothing else (providing the valves still have clearance) you would only be increasing the compression of the engine?

I'm by no means an authority on this so if I'm completely off base & it's gonna be a total waste of time please fell free to tell me.

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