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hey I have a low post count, but I never renege on deals. I've bought a diff, exhaust, gauge rings, winter tires, HIDs and prolly other tings off max members; sold items too, like bulbs and such. People have to have integrity when making deals, at least some common courtesy to get back to the other party when circumstances change.

With a changing demographic of e36 drivers, your prolly going to get a lot more inexperienced buyers; dudes that will say one thing and do another without regard to the plans and expectations of the seller or buyer. Selling over the internet should not be a free for all, to keep bitterness out of the mix when making deals we should keep lines of communication open when thoughts or circumstances change.

I don’t post a lot but I find this board invaluable for info and great for finding deals for products and services that I can get locally. To the new comers, respect your fellow members and keep the positive vibes (and good deals) alive.
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