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Well don't quote me 100%, but I personally think, in terms of FI, if you've got a reputable aftermarket FI system, you should be fine.

But this includes, tuning it after you install the kit to make sure that it runs properly, i.e. dyno, ensuring that you're AFR's are alright and no or minimal signs of denotation/knocking. Even if the company claims that their kit runs fine with the software they provided, it's still better to double check!

Not only that, but you should make sure that you're running the proper amount of octane gas for the amount of boost application. I noticed that on the AA turbo'ed cars, if you run higher boost levels, it's better than you run Race gas, but if you're running low-mid boost levels then something like 93 octane will be fine.

If you're pushing high boost levels (i.e. in some applications not idea to run 93 octane) and running only 93 octane all the time, then in the long run, say good bye to your engine.
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