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3282NV - not a man of his word!!!

Jason contacts me about my vaders and panels, and we arrange to meet. So we meet up on wednesday last week and he takes a look at the seats and panels and I tell him what I am asking. He tells me that he does not need the panels, but I tell him I am reluctant to seperate. After some more discussion, we come a to price for just the seats cuz I figure I'll be able to sell the panels seperately. I tell him I have a family wedding this weekend so that the only time I have to help him is after the weekend. (Yeah I even offered to deliver the seats to him!!!) He says that it's not a problem and that he will come pick them up on Tuesday and if he needs the help he would appreciate it. My cousin tells me to take a deposit, and I say "no he looks like a stand up guy." I tell him to call me Mon, but no call. I figure long weekend, he's busy. I wait, no call on Tues. I send him a pm this morning, asking him when he wants to pick up the seats, and the repsonse I get is "I did not think you were going to call, and I bought another pair of vaders."

WTF!!! We had a deal, what a dick!!! Should have asked for a deposit, what an a$$hole!!! Don't trust him, not a man of his word, and to believe he is a real estate agent in the Brampton area. Pure dick move.
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