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Dane, Never come through with a deal!

So dane messages he wants my seats as i had them posted up for 300! he says for wed last week, wed morning he calls me saying he cant and asks if for thursday is ok, so i said ya sure. thursday comes along, i call him and he says hes at bimmersport getting his car fixed, and he should be done in about half hour, so i get my parents car ( forester) as mine doesnt have space for seats. my mom tells me shes going to need the car, i tell her its gonna be quick, so im out waiting for this dick head calling him every once and a while, always hearing soon, soon, soon, 10pm comes along, he calls me, saying ya im heading down but theres only 1 prob, i only have 200 on me. so i asked what bank he was with because maybe there would be one near by which he could go get money from, he starts going on and on about how his debit card it maxed out because of the repairs he just did to his car. and expects me to drop the price to 200 after waiting 3 hours for him? then he tells me he'll call me on saturday to come pick them up, never got a call!

i should have listened to another member that told me this guy was a joke!
Grow some balls and stand by your word, you sent me a message saying youll defenatly take it, now he says he offered me his price (200) **** you

sorry about my rant guys, but just letting u know when u deal with this guy, expect to get stiffed!
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