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Originally posted by E46_lover
yea, bryan, please read my first post? i said about reliablity...not performance only...

so your saying your friend's GSR which is about 250hp is as reliable as say E36 M3?

That post wasn't directed at you.. it was directed at moerom because he was talking about the use of turbo's in stock cars. But when I read your post I'm pretty sure you meant performance or aftermarket turbo's not like a turbo disel Mercedies.

I don't get how you can compare a race spec GS-R w/ a stock M3, one is 4 cyl, the other 6 cyl. And they are both all motor. For a 250WHP GS-R an all motor GS-R is more reliable than a turbo GS-R. And the GS-R runs 12's, what does the M3 run? I'm talking about 250WHP and a 10,000RPM rev limit. So yeah I think it's very reliable for a motor w/ a 13.5 compression ratio.

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