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Staggared tires and fitment for NON-M's

For those wanting to do a staggared fitment on a non-m (or M) and are weight/fuel conscious i've been playing around with a few thinner sizes to get the proper RPM (or at least close to)
i've tried other combinations only to find out on the highway or on bumpy roads (train tracks too) it likes to trip my ASC+T, so with these combinations you are ASC+T safe :p

max size that should be on the front of any e36 is 225, anymore and you run into rub issues and tire wear issues (choppiness, bad alignment effect etc)

Front: 225/45/18
Rear: 245/40/18

17" rims
Front: 205/50/17
Rear: 225/45/17

16" Rims
Front: (#1) 195/60/16 OR (#2) 205/55/16
Rear: (#1) 205/55/16 OR (#2) 225/50/16

15" Rims
Front: (#1) 195/65/15 OR (#2) 205/60/15
Rear: (#1) 215/60/15 OR (#2) 225/55/15 <-- really difficult size to get, you were warned !

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