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different ways wheels are manufactured

hey guys, im looking for a set of wheels, unfortunately its not for a bimmer

i'm looking for wheels for my '00 accord simply because i can't stand the way it looks stock, just want some nice looking 18s with a drop so the gaping wheel gap disappears and that the rims dont bend in half when i hit a pothole

im considering a few manufacturers and found a guide with all the wheel brands and the way they manufacture them

my friend reccommended high pressure cast and if i have to maybe even low pressure cast

he told me to stay away from gravity casting all together...

here's an example of some methods ive seen on the guide:

cast (Soft)
forged (don't really want to buy forged wheels for a F$%#ing accord)

my question is....

is Cast - High pressure Cast
Cast (Soft) - Low Pressure Cast
Cast/Spun - Gravity Casting?

sorry for the long post
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