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***Niagara Cruise - May 10, 2008***

Ok so the weekly Hammer meets are starting off with a cruise. A cruise to where you ask? Well I will tell you. We are going to cruise to Niagara Falls.

But why?! you might ask yourself. Well, i'll tell you why.
1. Because the Falls has it all, rippers, nice roads(butterfly conservatory, not so nice trees), and CASINO.
2. Because its Dave's(98Dinan3) B-Day.
3. Because Hammer peeps are baller!
4. Because Chuck Norris said so.

And you don't mess with Chuck.

How much is this going to cost me you ask? Well that depends purely on you. Generally I spend about 100 bucks at the Casino and 20 bucks on food. The drive is about 35-40 mins from Hamilton. So 1/4 tank of gas.

Where can I join all the others going to this wonderful cruise?

You can meet us at Hutches on the Beach in Hamilton.

O rly that's just off of the Hwy and really easy to get too.

Yes I know.

Directions can be found in the weekly Hamilton meets Thread, I will post them up here also. I was planning to leave around 10-10:30 at the latest. The meet will start at 9-9:30 this gives people some time to get off of work and come on over. For others it give us all some time to talk and hang out a bit. I will post up final details later this week, need to discuss route, but the date is a definite.

Post if you want to let others know your going to be coming out, otherwise I will see you there!
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