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I worked with Fil as his receptionist for almost a year, I know him very well. He is a trusted sponser on Max, with evey right to be. Fil has not done you any wrong. As everyone is saying, it was a used part, buying used there is always a chance of it not working at all or as well as expected.
It was not him who made you drive during rush hour.
It was not him who made you miss work.
It was not him who decided to drive an hour away for a used part.
You made all these decisions yourself, and you should accept responsibility for your bad choices.
Second, he offered you a fair price, and he never ended up taking your money, he let you test it, he did not just give you the part, say it works take your money, and screwed you over.
Third, he lost money in the sense that time is money. He spent the time PMing you, talking to you on the phone and in person. He is not always in the office, he made the appointment to see you. He could have been working all that time. And as you had even said, He IS a nice guy, He let you borrow his tools. He did everything he could have in this situation, but serve it to you on a silver platter. Seriously if you wanted anything more your expectations are much to high and you should really come back down to reality. Stop your complaining, suck it up. This is life, learn to deal with it.
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