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Eurostyle... a bad one.

Let me start off by saying im not out to bash, rather to explain my experience to provide constructive criticism and advice for people who deal with filip in the future.

I was in need of an ECU and to MY ignorance I forgot to ask him if it was a 153 or a 173 for my e30 and assumed it was a 173 for the price he was charging.

So i booked off work so i could drive up to Mississauga right after school around rush because i just got paid and i needed the ECU for Sunday for the cruise.

I get there, and realize thats its a 153... well not that big of a deal since i was looking for anything that would work (just assumed for the price it was a 173)he seemed like a very friendly kind guy who actually let me borrow his extension for my socket wrench.

I put it in and it runs like crap. Engine check light on right away and sputtering like crazy. Then i put mine back and it fires up and runs fine. I triple checked the connection to see that it was alright and it was definetly the ECU.

This was a very very VERY big disappointment to say the least. Partly because i had driven over an hour in rush traffic, burning gas, and time i could have spent at work to come get this, on top of that i had to drive back away from toronto in even worse traffic. The only reason i made the trip is because i was in need of it of course and because i asked him if it was 100% working and he said it was. I'm sure it was running at one point when he tested it god knows when.

As i said before Filip seemed nice and even lent me some tools but should check his parts before saying its 100% working... especially for people traveling a far distance. For potential buyers, my advice is to double check the item and see that it fits/works good before forking over the money.

Another good point is that he communicated very fast and effectively over pm and phone.

Sorry Filip you seemed nice but when someone gives me their word i expect it to be good.

From a pm:
Originally Posted by noid
Will you take $35?100% sure its working? Where are you located?
No, thats too cheap....Yes it works, it was from a running car...The location and contact info is all in my sig, (near Dixie and 401)...
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