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Brock B2's my man. 18 by 8.5 vw mk3 gti suspension and vr6 conversion.i just wanna se how it looks like in red.Montana green is the nicest color on a2's but the tornado red is a nice color a stand out nicely 2.I myself am doing a 1.8t conversion sicne the vr6 is outdated adn the new vr6 with 24v is too expensive so i got myself a 1.8t engine from the audi tt quattro 225hp but using new gti tranny from the new vr6 sicne it's a ncie 6 speed has same ratio as the audi ttt quattro 6 speed but is designed for front wheel drive what i have but all wheel coming soon so i'll have the other tranny in my garage for when the time comes to do awd swap.Those are the plans too cold to do the 1.8t swap right now so i'll hold off until it gets warmer,and it should be finished for the summer.

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