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Originally Posted by JazzM View Post
Its a HUGE mission! What are you talking about? LOL

First of all you have to get off your ass, from posting on max all day, that's an extreme effort on its own. And get in your car. Turn it on and very very calmly drive to the nearest on-ramp to the 401.

But here is where the mission gets almost out of control! You have to merge with the highway traffic. This in itself is a very difficult act and takes tremendous energy and concentration. Just one small mistake and its game over! It is espeically difficult on warm and clear summer nights.

Finally when you do make it almost there, you have to apply some brakes to get off the highway. And after driving for such a long distance some people's right foot might be hard to move over to the brake pedal. Again a very difficult manouvre in this vital and critical mission.

And on top of that you have to do all of that ALL OVER AGAIN in order to get back home. But when you do make it back, you've got a hell of a story to post on max about your successful mission!



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