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Originally posted by 328DTM
Initially I was going to buy an external mic from Sony for my camcorder (hoping to capture better sound quality), but I am going to try a different company that specializes in mic's. Most likely any connections for that? haha I know there are two stores that carry around Toronto but have yet to check out the price.

I was thinking of using the same mics as the professional cameras but they use the XLR connector. I'd need an adapter for that and that'll just blow my budget. I think the microphone I checked out from Azden seems pretty good in comparison to what Sony has to offer for my camcorder.

I still want to purchase the snow/rain case designed for my camcorder. On the Sony website it's listed as somewhere around $400! That's crazy.
You want a mike? How about one of those parabolic mics like the ones at the football games? Of course, you may need another person to hold the dish, or manufacture a pole to adapt it to your camera. I know, sick humour...It's Friday afternoon!
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