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It's up to the mod's of our community to make the call if this guy stays on the board on not. If they choose to act on this I respect their decsion and as such will not voice what I feel should be done to this person.
But to tell me his brother used his handle because he doesn't have one of his own and the he gave him shit is a line of shit. There were PM's that went back and forth for 3 days prior and he knew nothing of it is crap. Don't most of us get email notification when we receive a PM on Max. Guess he never say those either, and he never check if anyone had his parts he looking for during that time as well.

Here's a PM I just received from him.
"Hey buddy just find out about that situation.
My brother trying to help that guy out and since my brother cant used his profile he asked me if he can used mine...long story.... so just give him shit right now. i have good feedbacks here selling and buying stuff,and they do that. anyways in behalf i apologies for that and dont let him used my profile anymore.."
Personally I think the guy is full of crap and what does giving his brother giving his brother do for me?

I trust the powers that be on this site do something about this.
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