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that's ok ... i had two cop cars hassling me because some stupid broad who cant' drive freaks out when i'm turning left onto the same lane as her ... she's in the far right, i'm coming into the left lane and she thinks i'm out of control and about to t-bone her. she flies off the road and practically into the ditch and stops ..... now normally i would stop to see if the person is ok, but since i was nowhere near her car and it was all in her head i figured i would continue on and let her wallow in her stupidity. well she was able to get the plates of my car and then i guess called it in from her cell because as i'm sitting at the garage that is going to be working on my car a police car drives past just cruising doing nothing ... happens to glance over and see's my car then does a u-turn and comes into the parking lot. he gets out all acting big and tough and asks the 3 of us who the owner of the car is ..... i of course say it's mine and what's the problem. he says i'm wanted for reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. to which i reply ... umm accident ?? ohhh you mean that lady that for some reason drove into the ditch when i was merging from the wal-mart parking lot ? yeah she was about 3 car lengths to the right of me and in the other lane ... i had nothing to to with that ....

the other cop car in the meantime pulls up and then gets the bright idea to run my plates and see's that i haven't changed the ownership from my Audi over to the BMW so then gets on my case about that ... so i just fired back at them that i was told to have plates on it at all times or else i risk having it towed and labeled as an abandoned vehicle (this is true for the area i live in ... they actually say to have plates that have your name attached on the vehicle so they know it actually belongs to someone and can be traced) and i also toss at him that i may own the car, but it had dealer plates on it at the time so the mechanic could test drive it to check a few things with the ti-rod and such and i wasn't just pulled over for driving it .... so you have nothing to go on.

they knew i had them so they just did the typical warnings about keeping an eye on me and such .... i just smiled and waved as they left.

next time i see that lady i hope there is a pole and she drives into it.
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