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WOW...cops really are pigs

i saw one of the most uncultured people ever..

i was at a dealership, cop walks in , takes quick look around, heads for the washroom... 5 mins later comes out leaves,
no thank you, no may i use your washroom..

PURE PIG... uncultured people man, no respect for anything/anyone
they think because they have a piece of metal (badge) and some stitching they can do anything,

just like a year ago i parked at vistors parking by a school and was playing basketball..cop pulls up, asks whos car it is, i say its mine... all of a sudden starts asking me questions out the ass, what are you doing here, who are you here with,
I also had a 10-day permit on the car because i needed to replace the window for safety, cop starts to hassle me and tell me, YOU HAVE TO GET THAT DONE TODAY, you need to get your car saftied you can't drive anywhere if your car is not saftied
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